Jurassic Park passes the Bechdel test because all the dinos are female and the 2 raptors in the kitchen communicate with each other. Discuss


Dinosaurs are very egalitarian. 

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This past Thursday night I was allowed to DJ at The Short Stop in Echo Park. I was beyond honored to be asked. I didn’t take it lightly. My job is going to be to make sure you have a good time? Start stretching Ricky. Get your face right! The theme of the night was “Good Vibes” so that was the…

Downloading ALL of these sexy fun beats. Thank you Ricky!



I believe that I have once and for all solved the mystery of what is in the mysterious briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

Clearly, my friend and cowriter Conor has unmasked a deep conspiracy.

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Story of my life.

Story of my life.

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